How Does The AFC Work?

The AFC computer works in conjunction with the Fuelbox by automatically filling your main tank when it gets low as you drive and shuts off when the main tank gets near full. The AFC monitors the stock OEM fuel tank. When the stock tank gets near ¼ of a tank it will turn on a transfer pump and transfer fuel from the auxiliary tank to the stock tank. The AFC will shut off the transfer pump when the stock tank is near full or the auxiliary tank is empty. The AFC can be set for automatic operation or it can be manually turned off from the cab of your truck. In addition to the auto and off, there is a manual button, where you can manually transfer fuel for up to 4 minutes.

The Auto Fuel Controller has a built-in gauge with LED lights to display the fuel level in our auxiliary fuel tank and a secondary light to show when it is transferring the fuel. The gauge can be attached on the dashboard of your pickup with Velcro, no drilling necessary. Or mounted with a pod to the A-Pillar or above the rearview mirror.

We make Auto Fuel Controllers (AFC) systems for all Ford, GM, and Dodge diesel pickups. The AFC makes the operation of our auxiliary fuel tanks effortless. There’s no need to worry about switching between tanks and running out of fuel. Since our system transfers to the stock tank there is NO CUTTING OF FACTORY FUEL LINES and warranty problems that go along with cutting up OEM lines and you will always be running off your factory fuel system.

Features & Benefits

  • Automatically fills your factory tank
  • Sleek black housing
  • Many mounting options
  • Auto or manual off control
  • Easy installation
  • Meets or exceeds all DOT & EPA regulations
  • No cutting of factory fuel lines
  • No switching valves to fail
  • Always run off your factory system
  • Manual transfer button