• Testimonials

    “I love it! It is has everything I was looking for as it fits under a tonneau cover, can be used to transfer fuel to other equipment, and can be plumbed into the truck’s existing fuel line in manner that is legal with DOT.  It is made with very high quality materials that are all manufactured in the USA! Thank you for providing this service!” – Adam O. Texas

  • Testimonials

    “I travel from show to show pulling a gooseneck trailer all over the United States and love having the extra fuel and room for gadgets in the toolbox. Easy to operate and very accurate.” -Amanda J. from Texas, works at Western Horseman

  • Testimonials

    “Just completed the install and first fill up on the new Fuelbox on my 2014 ram 3500 short bed. I order my first fuelbox four years ago and have loved it. This though shows a dramatic improvement in your product. From the zliner to a much smaller control module to a faster fuel pump and better handles and locking mechanisms Etc. Good Job to your team!” -Ted T. Texas

  • “I have had my Fuelbox for 4 years and had it in two of my trucks. Best combination box hands down.” -Kyle L. West Virginia

  • “I have used the Fuelbox for 2 years. I absolutely love the extended range that I have with the Fuelbox. The fit, finish, and construction are second to none. I highly recommend these Fuelboxes.” -Mike B. Nevada

  • “Bought two of the Fuelboxes for company vehicles. Great boxes and fuel storage. Very well built. Will purchase again.” -Bret F. Arizona

  • “I’ve had my Fuelbox for 8 years in two different pickups, its worked great with no issues. I always get compliments on it from other guys.” -Rob F. California

  • “I love this fuel toolbox combo. It looks as good as it works. I travel lots of miles and pull hard, its nice to have the comfort of long distances in wide open Wyoming.” -Kyle F. Buffalo, WY

  • Testimonials

    “The Fuelbox is everything I hoped it would be. I can fit more in the tool box than I ever thought I could and its more organized and accessible. Love the extra range I get with the Fuel tank. I can go 2200 miles with truck. 1100 miles while towing a 19 thousand pound trailer. Thanks for a great product!” Mike from Henderson, NV