Limited Product Warranty

The Fuelbox by Z4 Manufacturing warranty is a 3 years limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship. Z4 Manufacturig, Inc. sending unit, install kits and transfer pump sending units are covered by a warranty period of one year. Our warranty is effective in the U.S. from the date of purchase to original purchaser. Original Purchaser shall mean the person who first purchases a vehicle in which a Z4 Manufacturing Product has been installed as original equipment. The Z4 Manufacturing Fuelbox is designed for use with diesel fuel only. Z4 Manufacturing, Inc. reserves the right to examine the claimed defect upon return of product to our facility with all shipping charges being prepaid. No payment will be made for parts purchased or repaired in the field without prior authorization from Z4 Manufacturing Inc. If the claim is determined valid, repair or replacement will be made at manufacturer’s option.

The warranty for replacement parts shall be for the unexpired term of the original warranty. This warranty will not apply when product failure is caused by conditions beyond the control of Z4 Manufacturing, Inc. such as: (1) Damage from misuse or negligence, (2) Damage caused by improper installation, (3) Damage caused in shipment or improper handling, (4) Product ordered incorrectly. This warranty shall be void if the product is altered in any way. This warranty does not cover the following consequential damages: Loss of use of warranted product, loss of time, inconvenience, transportation expenses, expenses for travel, lodging, fuel, lost revenue, and loss or damage to personal property.

Aluminum Tanks – 3 Year Warrantyon all component parts, and against defects in material & workmanship

AFC Products – 1 Year Warranty Fuel Pump 1 Year Warranty limited to Warranty provisions of Original Manufacturer

Transfer Pump – 2 Year Warranty limited to Warranty provisions of Original Manufacturer